Designing Your Business to Create Customer Loyalty

During a rocky economy, marketing your business the same way you did years ago will not produce the same results. Consumers still love to buy and hate to be sold. Changing behaviors show that more consumers are using their money wisely and comparing products and services online before making a decision. Whether it’s health insurance, financial advise, pharmaceutical or beauty products, a company’s website and their methods of communication are key to gaining new customers.

Attracting Customers Online

More people use websites to research information on products and services than ever before. Company image and functionality is very important when marketing online. That’s why it’s important that you don’t have dead-end links that go nowhere. That’s a real turn-off to any prospect. Some clients don’t test their own website to see how the customer views it. Websites should be designed to communicate clearly what the company does. Every page needs to have an easy-to-navigate link and a way to get back to the Home page. There shouldn’t be any dead-ends or confusion as to whether or not you are still on the same site. Built in SEO will help get you to appear on a search. Appearing on an organic search is best but when that isn’t working fast enough, Google Ads can help. Just figure out what you would like to spend on your marketing before you make the investment. There should also be an offer that would interest your target market. This could be tips, discounts or relevant information. A site, which is poorly designed and developed, gives the appearance that the company is “here today, gone tomorrow” and the level of trust quickly deteriorates. A potential customer will then move on to another site – one belonging to your competition.

What Problem Can You Fix?

Competition is fierce with online marketing so it is important to have competitive pricing and value-added service. If you can’t afford to provide a discounted price, then offer some type of additional service or product that won’t break your budget. Having a different type of product or service than your competitors can make you stand out from the crowd. Find out what problems exist with your present product or service. It could be that people hate waiting for your service, so improved timing would be key. Discovering any problems and making major changes to solve the problem is the first step in giving you the competitive advantage. The next step is letting consumers know about it. If you make improvements or a major change in the way your industry does business – that could launch your business to a whole new level.

If your business involves products, the packaging plays a vital role in attracting consumers. I have purchased several bottles of wine based upon the look and description on the label. Once wine is opened, people rarely return it, so packaging is extremely important in making the initial decision. Keeping the customer depends on how much the customer enjoyed consuming the product and by continuing top-of-mind awareness. Advertising, promotions and offers can keep customers coming back for more. CVS does this well by tracking the customer’s purchases, through a customer care card, and providing new savings coupons based upon customer’s purchasing history.

Love High Quality

“A referral from a happy customer is stronger than one from a salesperson”

Let Your Customer Work for You

When I design packaging, labels and corresponding promotions, I target them to the right market to create loyal customers. It’s easy to get a one-time customer with the right product launch, but it’s more important to develop customer loyalty. These types of customers can become your best sales force, simply by recommending the product to their friends on Twitter and Facebook. The same can work wonders for service industries. A referral from a happy customer is stronger than one from a salesperson. Unfortunately, one bad experience with a customer can adversely affect your business, exponentially, once the customer tells their friends. That’s why a program that gets everyone in your company to understand the values and mission of your company is so vital to its longevity and growth. If everyone in the company is informed and empowered, when it involves customer service, complaints would be minimized. We create our customer loyalty programs with the help of an experienced consultant to obtain measurable results.

Replace Cloudy Confusions with Concrete Conclusions

We have helped businesses prosper by developing programs and designs that attract customers. In the present economy, branding your product or service is more important than ever. If your product or service is easily confused with another, you could be losing an important segment of business. If your product or service in not easily remembered or easily associated with your industry, you need to change it by re-branding and relaunching it. No matter how complicated your message is, there is a way to communicate it in a clear, concise and consistent style that is also memorable. Why blend when you can stand out from the crowd?

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