Hire a Branding Professional or Do It Yourself

Quality Design vs. Cheap Knockoffs

With all the templates and software programs offered online that promise to help you create your own website or logo, one would think that all the creative marketers and graphic designers of the world should just find a new line of work. Truth is, that most of the websites and logo designs that I see are aching for help and may even hurt the business rather than help.

The strategy behind the company image is important. I’ve seen online logo factories that create designs that lack individuality or professional solutions. You know the type I’m talking about – these generic icons mirror so many other logos and lack distinction or an understanding of the company, its competitive advantage, and its market. The world of the mundane may be good enough for some people, but if you want to have a professional image and stand out from the crowd, you need the assistance of a good, qualified, branding expert.

Dilbert had it right!
Dilbert had it right!







Should You Really Design Your Own Website?

When it comes to websites, going the cheap route to save a little bit of money is not a good idea if your customers are in a high-income bracket. It’s also not wise if you are an entrepreneur seeking Fortune 500 companies as clients. These templates solutions can offer a quick fix if your using them temporarily or just want a site for validation. However, if you desire a site that actually gets business for you, hiring a website designer is crucial. Professional designers will recommend the right functionality and determine the best way to create the site so it looks good on mobile devices as well as desktops.

20 Seconds to Size You Up

If your website looks unprofessional, your potential customers will probably go someplace else. If the functionality is lacking, your home page is confusing, and people don’t understand what you do, they will leave your page within 20 seconds. If your branding is unprofessional, your image will be unprofessional and people will assume that your product or service is inferior too.

SEO Makes Marketing Sense

You do want people to find you don’t you? Most companies that provide template solutions offer search engine optimization (SEO) at an additional fee, usually on a monthly basis. We build SEO into every website so the customer isn’t hit with another unanticipated expense. With Google Analytics, it is easy to track the results and it’s free. Updating the site regularly increases SEO and, since content is key, it’s a smart to keep your information fresh.

Most Creative People Aren’t Rich for a Reason

Have you ever met a wealthy creative director that acquired the wealth solely from their work? If you have, we may have different definitions of wealthy. Most people in the creative field work many long hours to produce an impressive outcome and receive modest compensation for their efforts. That’s why, when business owners try to haggle with them on price, it’s frustrating when I see them cave in. A great visual communicator has an investment in their client’s success. If their client looks good, they look good and they should receive fair compensation for contributing to the success of that company.

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