Speak Softly and Carry a Good Story

Sometimes, speaking softly gets more attention.

I know many of my colleagues like to shout out a message, whether it involves advertising or social media marketing. Shouting will certainly get attention, but sometimes it gets the wrong attention. Statistics prove that people believe an honest review or story over an advertisement. So why are people still shouting?

Perhaps it’s because of the hype we hear to push the use of email and social media marketing and shove a message in people’s faces. I can see some opportunities where Social Media Marketing could turn into a junk pile if people aren’t vigilant about their settings and careful about who they “friend” and from whom they “accept invitations.”

Makes Me Want to Shout
People are bombarded with daily spam trying to sell me something. I always send them to junk, but there they are again, the very next day with a new email address. When I’m interested in purchasing an item or service, I carry out my due diligence and research the information online. I have never been positively influenced by spam that would cause me to inquire about the product or services in an obnoxious ad. Obviously, some of these tactics have worked in the past or these little companies wouldn’t spend their time annoying us with spam.

A Good Story Goes a Long Way
The best campaigns we have created for companies have begun with honest information and story-telling. People can empathize with a person’s experience rather than a spokesperson telling them to buy something. For example, if someone returned from a vacation and had a wonderfully, interesting experience with the hotel or car rental, that would be a story worth our listening. It may even prompt us to visit the hotel or use that car rental company.

Least invasive surgery ad for Bristol-Myers Squibb featured a friend of mine.

One of the ads we created for Bristol-Myers Squibb Company had that type of impact. It featured a friend of mine who had recently recovered from endoscopic, ovarian surgery. Just 72 hours after surgery, she took her dog for a walk. This story-telling ad resonated with women that had similar problems and were interested in learning more about the procedure. We didn’t shout about the surgical products that made this possible, we simply told a compelling story.

We recommend that the next time you want to advertise your business, try speaking softly and telling a credible, moving story through advertising, blogging and Facebook. Then Tweet a few interesting facts with a link to your blog. You’ll be surprised at the response you’ll receive. If you need help, we’re very willing. Now, doesn’t that sound better than shouting?

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