If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will


Did you ever overhear someone describe what you do for a living and think, “Where did they get that idea?” That’s when you know you need to give some serious thought to building a stronger brand. You may even need some personal branding as well. A good way to find out what people really think about you and your business is simply to ask. I realize that it is not easy to get constructive criticism from people that have turned you down, but asking questions, the right way, will give you the information you need to turn your business around. You can even have someone else do it for you – in the form of a quick survey.

The Quick Phone Survey

Have a designated person call up the clients that have turned you down and ask them a few questions as to why they chose another company or chose not to use the service at all. This will give you insight into how your prospects perceive you, which will give you the necessary information to address their objections. Branding is important for any business, large or small. If you are perceived as too expensive and you cannot afford to lower your prices, then offering more value or services than your competition would be a solution. Letting your prospects know about the difference you offer is key in getting more business in a tough economy.

Personal Branding

Having the right image for your profession is important too. I knew an accountant that used to wear a suit and tie to all his prospective appointments and was disappointed when he didn’t close a large percentage of the sales. As it turned out, the impression he gave was that he was too expensive, even though price was never discussed. When he began to dress more casually, he saw a big increase in his business because he changed the comfort level of the customer. They perceived him to be reasonably priced even though his prices never changed!

The reverse can happen too. I know a woman that worked for a corporation and dressed too causally and provocatively at work. She complained that nobody took her seriously, especially her boss. When it was pointed out to her that she needed to dress for success and display a more positive attitude, she decided to take the advice. She began to dress and act as if she were interviewing for her job every day. This caught the attention of her boss, who really did value her work, and she was taken seriously when she requested more responsibility. Her change in image and attitude led to a promotion.

If you have questions about your image, I would be happy to speak with you and discover new solutions for your business. You can also respond to this blog and let me know any concerns you have about your company.

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